Sunday, March 1, 2009

Naked Angels OST (1969)

From Movie Grooves:

A superb mix of of acid-inspired hard rock, funky incidental music and studio experimentation, the Naked Angels soundtrack stands up well as an inventive collection of jams and conveys an infectious sense of fun and irreverence throughout.

Originally released on Frank Zappa's legendary Straight label in 1969, this hard-rocking collection was the first release from future Zappa sideman Jeff Simmons (accompanied here by session guitarist Randy Steirling). Largely instrumental, it showcases his superb guitar skills to memorable effect, and will delight collectors of rare soundtracks, biker rock fans and Zappa completists alike.

Track Listing:

  1. Naked Angels Theme 4:10
  2. Ride Into Vegas 1:16
  3. Vegas Boogie 3:05
  4. Vegas Pickup 4:05
  5. Cop Out 1:12
  6. First Desert Ride 1:45
  7. Rank 2:00
  8. Boinin' (Third Ride) 3:32
  9. Scots Breath 1:40
  10. Rat Grind 2:05
  11. Bar Dream 3:36
  12. Camper Scene 2:25
  13. Toccata for Truck 3:35
  14. End Theme 1:12
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Boogaloo said...

Just stumbled onto this blog. Words escape regarding it's awesome-ness. I WILL be downloading a couple soon. (must...have...Fists..of...Fury! can't right now, at work) Keep up the sweet posts.

Dragonetta said...

Hey Anthony,

I didn't really pay that much attention to the soundtrack of this movie while it was on, but I gotta go back and check this out now. There's some good stuff lurking on these obscure soundtracks. Later!

And thanks! :)