Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jackie Chan- Greatest Hits (2005)

Oh man. There's really nothing I can say about this one, because I'm pretty speechless.....other than the first track sounds kinda like an Eagles tune....if they were Cantonese.

From Wikipedia:

Jackie Chan is a prolific singer, having started producing records in the early 80s. He started singing the theme songs over the closing credits of his films in 1980, when the film The Young Master was produced. Chan sang its theme song, titled "Kung Fu Fighting Man" entirely in English. Since then he has produced over 20 different albums, singing over 100 songs in over five languages, and has teamed up with singers such as Ani DiFranco and the late Anita Mui. His personal achievements also include winning Best Foreign Singer Award in Japan in 1984.

Track Listing:

01. The Sincere Hero
02. So Transparent Is My Heart
03. Everyday In My Life
04. A Man Should Be Of Self Help
05. My Feeling
06. How Come
07. A Good Conscience
08. I Hope You'll Understand
09. A Vigorous Aspiration In My Mind
10. I Wished The Flower Could Never Fade
11. You Give Me A New World
12. Would Rather Say Goodbye In Dreams
13. In The Cold Rain
14. Drunken Boxing

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Dragonetta said...

Dude, I'm sitting here with my mouth open.

Jackie Chan sings! And he sounds okay, too. Unreal. :)

elementarybeatboxoperator,storylike said...

Dude, I used to have like 3 of his CDs. Bad, bad poppy music- except that New Police Story song- that shiznit is tight.