Monday, March 16, 2009

Doctor Mordrid OST- Richard Band (1993)

Even though I am a B-Movie fan, I never took a liking to any of Charles and Richard Band's Full Moon output. I was a HUGE fan of the Bands stuff from the early 1980s (mostly done under the Empire films label) like the first TRANCERS, ROBOT JOX, etc.,...

There was one exception, though....and that was DOCTOR MORDRID. I've loved this rip-off of Marvel Comics' Dr, Strange since I first saw it via video rental in the early 1990s.....Jeffery Combs is pretty good in it, taking an odd turn playing the hero of this little cinematic endeavor. Fun stuff....I still need to get this on DVD (I think they finally got around to doing a release...I know for awhile there were some legal hassles that were holding it up).'s the original score album....

Track Listing:
01. Doctor Mordrid
02. Astral Projection
03. The Detective Next Door
04. Into the Fourth Dimension
05. Fortress of the Damned
06. Gunner's Warning
07. Eternal Enemies
08. Station Break
09. To Hell with the Police
10. Setting the Demons Free
11. Dinosaur War
12. The Monitor Beckons

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