Sunday, November 16, 2008

Guitar Wolf Discography Part One

I'm a huge fan of the Japanese horror cult film Wild Zero, which is where I discovered the joy of Guitar Wolf.

From Wikipedia:

Guitar Wolf is a three-piece garage punk band founded in Japan in 1987. The band is known for songs with piercing vocals and an extremely loud style of noise rock which emphasizes heavy distortion and feedback. They coined the phrase "Jet Rock 'n' Roll", which they also used to describe their musical style — an energetic cross between The Ramones, rockabilly, classic punk, and noise rock. It is a part of Sony Music Japan's Ki/oon Records division.

The band has released nine studio albums internationally as well as a live album, numerous singles, and a greatest hits album called "Golden Black." The band members have also been featured in two B-grade science fiction horror movies, "Wild Zero" and "Sore Losers." A collection of Guitar Wolf's most popular videos and live performances have been compiled
into a limited edition DVD entitled Red Idol. In March 2005, bassist and founding member Billy, also known as Bass Wolf, died of a heart attack at the age of 38. His replacement in the band, bassist U.G., has become a permanent member of Guitar Wolf and now rounds out the trio which currently consist of band members Seiji (Guitar Wolf): U.G. (Bass Wolf); and Toru (Drum Wolf).

Wolf Rock! (1993)

Track listing:
1. "Wolf Rock"
2. "Ace Of Spades"
3. "Indian Guitar"
4. "Apache Leather"
5. "Red Rockabilly"
6. "Mars Twist"
7. "Shooting Star Noise"
8. "J Jupiter Joan"
9. "Machine Gun Guitar"
10. "Jack The Ripper"
11. "Rumble" (Unlisted)
12. "Gloria"

Download Link

Run Wolf Run- 1994

Track listing:
1. "Run Wolf Run"
2. "Captain Guitar"
3. "Jett Rock"
4. "Baby Indian"
5. "Kouya No Guitar" (Guitar In Wasteland)
6. "All Night De Buttobase!!" (Roaring All Night!!)
7. "Kick Out The Jams"
8. "Rumble"
9. "UFO Shakin’"
10. "Thunders Guitar"
11. "El Toro"
12. "Wakusei Blues" (Planet Blues)

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Missile Me!- 1995

Track listing:
1. "Missile Me"
2. "Hurricane Rock"
3. "Kung Fu Ramone Culmination Tactic"
4. "Can-Nana Fever"
5. "Midnight Violence Rock’n Roll"
6. "Link Wray Man"
7. "Guitar Star"
8. "Racing Rock"
9. "Jet Rock’n Roll"
10. "Devil Stomp"
11. "Jet Blues"
12. "Venus Drive"

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Planet of the Wolves- 1997

Track Listing:
1. "Kawasaki ZII750 Rock'n'roll" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:01
2. "Planet of The Wolves" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:34
3. "Invader Ace" (Guitar Wolf) - 3:19
4. "Motor Cycle Leather Boy" (Oblivians) - 2:22
5. "Far East Man" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:30
6. "Wild Zero" (Guitar Wolf) - 3:46
7. "Planet Heart" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:42
8. "Energy Joe" (Guitar Wolf) - 1:44
9. "Jett Love" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:01
10. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (Jagger, Richards) - 3:32
11. "Kung Fu Ramone's Passion" (Guitar Wolf) - 1:51
12. "Let's Get Hurt" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:53
13. "All Through The Night Buttobase!! (Roaring All Through The Night!!)" (Guitar Wolf) - 1:58
14. "Rumble" - (Grant, Wray) - 3:34

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dolemite R.I.P. (Rudy Ray Moore 1927-2008)

DISCLAIMER: ADULT CONTENT!!!!! Sorry, kids....this one's for grown-ups...

Due to just sheer laziness and procrastination on my part (plus, Moore's death happening right smack dab in the middle of prep and posting of the Mighty Marvel Monsterbash 2008), I didn't get around to paying tribute in a timely manner to a wordsmith and comedian that has brought me a lot of joy over the years: Rudy Ray Moore (March 17, 1927 – October 19, 2008). Well, today I plan on rectifying that...

Many of us out there only know him from his blaxploitation comedy films of the 1970s, specifically the inafamous Dolemite (1975) and it's sequel, The Human Tornado (1976), but the man had a discography and filmography that would put most to shame:


  • Below the Belt (1959)
  • Beatnik Scene (1962)
  • Comedian is Born (1964)
  • Let's Come Together (1970, recorded 1967)
  • Eat Out More Often (1970)
  • This Pussy Belongs To Me
  • Merry Christmas, Baby
  • Cockpit
  • Return of Dolemite
  • Sensuous Black Man
  • Dolemite for President
  • Zodiac
  • I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing
  • Jokes by Redd Foxx
  • Live in Concert
  • The Player - The Hustler
  • House Party: Dirty Dozens Vol.1
  • The Streaker
  • Dolemite Is Another Crazy Nigger
  • Sweet Peeter Jeeter
  • Turning Point
  • Close Encounter of the Sex Kind
  • Good Ole Big Ones
  • Hip Shakin' Papa
  • Greatest Hits
  • This Ain't No White Christmas
  • Raw, Rude, and Real
  • 21st Century Dolemite
  • Hully Gully Fever
  • Genius of Rudy Ray Moore
Filmography: pay tribute to the man that many have credited as the Godfather of hip-hop and rhyme, I'll be sharing a few things from Moore's discography from my collection so that, even though the man may not be with us anymore....his words sure as hell can still make us laugh. Enjoy....

01. Dolemite (Ben Taylor)
02. The Queen
03. Do You

04. The Rumble
05. Mayor¹s Get-Away
06. Power of Your Love (Mary Love)
07. Willie Green
08. When We Start

09. The Hitman
10. Ghetto Expressions

11. Time is on our Side (Revelation Funk)
12. Creeper
13. The Jive Jungle
14. Flatland
15. Dolemite (Ben Taylor w/ Moore narration, film version)
16. Flatland (film version)
17. Human Tornado (from Human Tornado)

18. Miss Wonderful (from Human Tornado)
19. Dolemite Radio Spot version 1
20. Dolemite Radio Spot version 2
21. Human Tornado Radio Spot
22. Untitled

Dolemite OST download link

Sweet Peter Jeeter Download Link

Track Listing:

1. Petey Wheatstraw (Vocal)- Nat Dove & The Devils
2. Ghetto St. USA- Nat Dove & The Devils
3. Zombie March (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils
4. Loving You (Vocal)-Nat Dove & The Devils
5. Walking Theme (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils
6. Ghetto St. USA (Vocal)- Nat Dove & The Devils
7. Joy (Vocal)- Nat Dove & The Devils
8. Steve's Den (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils
9. Loving You (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils
10. Petey Wheatstraw (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils
11. Junkie Chase (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils

Petey Wheatstraw OST Download Link

The Cockpit Download Link