Monday, March 23, 2009

The Warriors OST (A&M, 1979)


Obviously, I can...

Been a longtime fan of this film for years, and after my recent purchase of the Dabel Bros. comic book adaptation of the film, I decided to check out the film once again, and was blown away (as always) by the tight and tense score.

Track list
01 - Barry DeVorzon -Theme from The Warriors
02 - Arnold McCuller - Nowhere to Run
03 - Kenny Vance & Ismael Miranda - In Havana
04 - Mandrill - Echoes in my Mind
05 - Barry DeVorzon - The Fight
06 - Joe Walsh - In the City
07 - Genya Ravan - Love is a Fire
08 - Barry DeVorzon - Baseball Furies Chase
09 - Johnny Vastano - You're Movin' Too Slow
10 - Desmond Child - Last of an Ancient Breed

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Anonymous said...

I feel a little sad looking at this film now, seeing as how Coney Island is no more. :(

When I was a kid, C.I. was all of that and a bag of chips.