Monday, August 31, 2009

Heavy Metal: Music From the Motion Picture (Columbia, 1981)

This double album set has been part of my collection for years...another one of those screwed up childhood memories. I can remember seeing the trailer for HEAVY METAL as a kid and immediately being fascinated with what the film was about (the trailer was at the head of a screening of STRIPES, which my parents went to see at the Sunset Drive-In, located at the cross-roads of Panhandle, Ohio...a small little 'burg about 7 or 8 miles outside of my hometown).

Above: Totally kick-ass one-sheet which hangs in my bathroom, purchased from eBay a few years back.

The next summer, an uncle (who was far more lenient than my parents) took me to see this flick at the very same drive-in (it was playing on a double bill with Heartbeeps (WTF?!?), and over years of repeat late-night pay cable viewings, this soundtrack became burned into my brain. Especially the Cheap Trick track, "Reach Out", which seems to be only available on this release, nowhere else....which drives a Cheap Trick fanatic like myself absolutely insane. Plus, local "classic rock" stations seemt to base their playlists around Hagar's "Heavy Metal" (Sammy Hagar is another artist that I am fanatically devoted to) and Don Felder's "(Taking A Ride On) Heavy Metal"....hell, you can almost set your watch by a local station's use of the Felder song.

Track Listing:
1. Heavy Metal - Sammy Hagar
2. Heartbeat - Riggs
3. Working In The Coal Mine - Devo
4. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars - Blue Oyster Cult
5. Reach Out - Cheap Trick
6. Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride) - Don Felder
7. True Companion - Donald Fagen
8. Crazy (A Suitable Case for Treatment) - Nazareth
9. Radar Rider - Riggs
10. Open Arms - Journey
11. Queen Bee - Grand Funk Railroad
12. I Must Be Dreamin'
13. The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath
14. All of You - Don Felder
15. Prefabricated - Trust
16. Blue Lamp - Stevie Nicks

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Oceans- Super Fuzz (Super Snooper) OST (1980)

A long-time friend that I recently reconnected with (all too briefly, a situation I plan on changing as soon as work and automotive troubles allow me) reminded me of this flick a few weeks ago.

Back during the days when HBO stood for "Hey! Beastmaster's On!", I can remember watching this several times...and then the memory popped back up after watching my recently acquired DVD copy of SUPER FUZZ (the U.S. distribution title), and my mother jogging my memory...I had actually seen SUPER FUZZ during it's theatrical release at the Mound Drive-In (now defunct) located outside Peebles, Ohio as a child.

Now, for a little background (from Wikipedia):

Super Fuzz or Poliziotto superpiĆ¹ is an Italian film about Dave Speed, a bumbling Miami police officer who gains super powers through accidental nuclear exposure. Directed by Sergio Corbucci and starring Terence Hill and Ernest Borgnine, it was released in 1980.

Track Listing:

01. Super Snooper
02. Bad Guy, Good Guy
03. Miami Beach
04. Explosion
05. Rocket Theme
06. Do Ya?
07. Funky Snooper
08. Synth Good Guy

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon OST (1985)

This is yet another one of my favorite films that was drilled into my adolescence via repetitive showing via pay cable outlets and numerous home video rentals....

I still cannot explain why I like this movie....maybe the fact that it's so fuckin' ridiculous is the reason it's so endearing to me.

Track Listing:

01.Dwight David - The Last Dragon ~ 07:28 Min
02.Vanity - 7th Heaven ~ 03:51 Min
03.Alfie - Star ~ 04:42 Min
04.Charlene - Fire ~ 03:58 Min
05.Willie Hutch - The Glow ~ 05:07 Min
06.DeBarge - Rhythm Of The Night ~ 03:50 Min
07.Stevie Wonder - Upset Stomach ~ 06:23 Min
08.Smokey Robinson and Syreet - First Time On A Ferris Wheel (Love Theme ~ 04:19 Min
09.Rockwell - Peeping Tom ~ 04:32 Min
10.Willie Hutch and The Temptations - Inside You ~ 07:18 Min

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TRON Soundtrack- Wendy Carlos (1982) + Extras

Now...I am a goddamn TRON fanatic, and have been since childhood. And after viewing the uber-cool teaser for next summer's TRON: LEGACY, to say that I am stoked is beyond belief.

Then, there's the fact that LEGACY is gonna be presented in IMAX 3-D....I'm already trying to book my seats. As for the soundtrack...hell, I even dig the Journey track, "Only Solutions" that's on this thing.


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Sunday, August 2, 2009

David Hess- Caught Up In The Moment (2001)

Alot of folks don't know that David Hess (early Wes Craven regular, best know for his turn as "Krug" in the infamous Last House on the Left, 1972) is an accomplished song writer/musician, so I figured I'd hip those folks to the news by sharing his 2001 album, Caught Up In The Moment. Enjoy!

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