Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rock n Roll High School Expanded Soundtrack

I'm a long-time Ramones fan and absolutely love this film, which I treated myself to yet another viewing of today. Here's an "expanded" version of the soundtrack that I hope everyone will enjoy...

Track Listing:

01- "Rock n Roll High School"- Ramones
02- "I Want You Around"- Ramones
03- "Come On Let's Go"- The Paley Brothers
04- "Blitzkrieg Bop-Teenage Lobotomy-California Sun-Pinhead-She's the One"- Ramones
05- "So It Goes"- Nick Lowe
06- "Energy Fools the Magician"- Brian Eno
07- "Rock 'N' Roll High School"- P.J. Soles
08- "Come Back, Jonee"- DEVO
09- "Teenage Depression"- Eddie and the Hot Rods
10- "Smokin' In The Boy's Room"- Brownsville Station
11- "School Days"- Chuck Berry
12- "A Dream Goes on Forever"- Todd Rundgren
13- "School's Out"- Alice Cooper
14- "I Just Want To Have Something To Do"- Ramones
15- "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker"- Ramones
16- "I Wanna Be Sedated"- Ramones
17- "She's the One"- Ramones
18- "California Sun"- Ramones
19- "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend"- Ramones
20- "Blitzkrieg Bop"- Ramones
21- "Pinhead"- Ramones
22- "Teenage Lobotomy"- Ramones
23- "Rock the Roof Off"- P.J. Soles and Mary Woronov
24- "Rock n Roll High School"- Ramones
25- "I Want You Around" - Ramones
26- Radio Ads

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Countdown 2008: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Original Soundtrack (Decca Records, 1964)

For years, I've had a deep and heartfelt love for the Rankin-Bass "Animagic" work, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is the reason for it....

One of the things I find utterly amazing about this Christmas special (along with A Charlie Brown Christmas, which I'll talk about later this month) is the longevity of this thing. Rudolph alone has been airing continuously every holiday season for 44 years, it's first broadcast having been December 6th, 1964 on the NBC network.

I was going to rant along in this blog about the fact that a sign of the decline of our civilization in the new century can probably be traced back to the fact that It's A Wonderful Life is no longer in the public domain...Christmas just doesn't seem right these days when outside of my DVD copy, the only way I can watch Frank Capra's classic is the now-annual single broadcast that NBC provides us (who sanpped up all rights to the flick around 1992 or '93, I believe), when as a youth it was a staple of the holiday season to see it broadcast multiple times all over the television dial, especially on those crazy independent stations on the UHF band, and....outside of holiday childrens' programming on specialized basic cable channels such as Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network, there have been no new animated (cel-based or "Animagic") Christmas specials produced for network television in nearly 20 years. But, I gave it a second thought...and figured it just wasn't right to complain about one's lot in life during the holidays, because if Rudolph and Hermie taught me anything as a child, it was that no matter how bad things look....every dog (or reindeer, in this case) has his/her day.

I also gave some thought about going into a long-winded and detailed history behind the holiday special, but another site, TVParty, has already done an amazing job at doing this and I highly recommend you take a look.

So.....all that's really left to do is share some holiday cheer by sharing the soundtrack album of this holiday classic, I guess...though, as an added bonus, right click here to get an MP3 of Smiley Burnette's version of the classic Christmas tune. Everybody's heard Gene Autry's version (a guy who Burnette played comedy relief to in about a dozen or more films), but hardly anyone remembers this one....

Track Listing:

01. Overture And A Holly Jolly Christmas = Burl Ives
02. Jingle Jingle Jingle = Stan Francis
03. We Are Santa's Elves = Videocraft Chorus
04. There's Always Tomorrow = Janet Orenstein
05. We're A Couple Of Misfits = Paul Soles
06. Silver And Gold = Burl Ives
07. The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year = Videocraft Chorus
08. A Holly Jolly Christmas = Burl Ives
09. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Finale) = Burl Ives
10. Christmas Medley: The Night Before Christmas Song /
A Merry Merry Christmas / When Santa Clause Gets Your
Letter = Decca Concert Orchestra
11. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer = Decca Concert Orchestra
12. There's Always Tomorrow = Decca Concert Orchestra
13. Jingle Jingle Jingle = Decca Concert Orchestra
14. We're A Couple Of Misfits = Decca Concert Orchestra
15. Silver And Gold = Decca Concert Orchestra
16. We Are Santa's Elves = Decca Concert Orchestra
17. The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year = Decca Concert
18. A Holly Jolly Christmas = Decca Concert Orchestra
19. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day = Decca Concert

Download Link (Hosted By Megaupload)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Guitar Wolf Discography Part One

I'm a huge fan of the Japanese horror cult film Wild Zero, which is where I discovered the joy of Guitar Wolf.

From Wikipedia:

Guitar Wolf is a three-piece garage punk band founded in Japan in 1987. The band is known for songs with piercing vocals and an extremely loud style of noise rock which emphasizes heavy distortion and feedback. They coined the phrase "Jet Rock 'n' Roll", which they also used to describe their musical style — an energetic cross between The Ramones, rockabilly, classic punk, and noise rock. It is a part of Sony Music Japan's Ki/oon Records division.

The band has released nine studio albums internationally as well as a live album, numerous singles, and a greatest hits album called "Golden Black." The band members have also been featured in two B-grade science fiction horror movies, "Wild Zero" and "Sore Losers." A collection of Guitar Wolf's most popular videos and live performances have been compiled
into a limited edition DVD entitled Red Idol. In March 2005, bassist and founding member Billy, also known as Bass Wolf, died of a heart attack at the age of 38. His replacement in the band, bassist U.G., has become a permanent member of Guitar Wolf and now rounds out the trio which currently consist of band members Seiji (Guitar Wolf): U.G. (Bass Wolf); and Toru (Drum Wolf).

Wolf Rock! (1993)

Track listing:
1. "Wolf Rock"
2. "Ace Of Spades"
3. "Indian Guitar"
4. "Apache Leather"
5. "Red Rockabilly"
6. "Mars Twist"
7. "Shooting Star Noise"
8. "J Jupiter Joan"
9. "Machine Gun Guitar"
10. "Jack The Ripper"
11. "Rumble" (Unlisted)
12. "Gloria"

Download Link

Run Wolf Run- 1994

Track listing:
1. "Run Wolf Run"
2. "Captain Guitar"
3. "Jett Rock"
4. "Baby Indian"
5. "Kouya No Guitar" (Guitar In Wasteland)
6. "All Night De Buttobase!!" (Roaring All Night!!)
7. "Kick Out The Jams"
8. "Rumble"
9. "UFO Shakin’"
10. "Thunders Guitar"
11. "El Toro"
12. "Wakusei Blues" (Planet Blues)

Download Link

Missile Me!- 1995

Track listing:
1. "Missile Me"
2. "Hurricane Rock"
3. "Kung Fu Ramone Culmination Tactic"
4. "Can-Nana Fever"
5. "Midnight Violence Rock’n Roll"
6. "Link Wray Man"
7. "Guitar Star"
8. "Racing Rock"
9. "Jet Rock’n Roll"
10. "Devil Stomp"
11. "Jet Blues"
12. "Venus Drive"

Download Link

Planet of the Wolves- 1997

Track Listing:
1. "Kawasaki ZII750 Rock'n'roll" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:01
2. "Planet of The Wolves" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:34
3. "Invader Ace" (Guitar Wolf) - 3:19
4. "Motor Cycle Leather Boy" (Oblivians) - 2:22
5. "Far East Man" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:30
6. "Wild Zero" (Guitar Wolf) - 3:46
7. "Planet Heart" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:42
8. "Energy Joe" (Guitar Wolf) - 1:44
9. "Jett Love" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:01
10. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (Jagger, Richards) - 3:32
11. "Kung Fu Ramone's Passion" (Guitar Wolf) - 1:51
12. "Let's Get Hurt" (Guitar Wolf) - 2:53
13. "All Through The Night Buttobase!! (Roaring All Through The Night!!)" (Guitar Wolf) - 1:58
14. "Rumble" - (Grant, Wray) - 3:34

Download Link

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dolemite R.I.P. (Rudy Ray Moore 1927-2008)

DISCLAIMER: ADULT CONTENT!!!!! Sorry, kids....this one's for grown-ups...

Due to just sheer laziness and procrastination on my part (plus, Moore's death happening right smack dab in the middle of prep and posting of the Mighty Marvel Monsterbash 2008), I didn't get around to paying tribute in a timely manner to a wordsmith and comedian that has brought me a lot of joy over the years: Rudy Ray Moore (March 17, 1927 – October 19, 2008). Well, today I plan on rectifying that...

Many of us out there only know him from his blaxploitation comedy films of the 1970s, specifically the inafamous Dolemite (1975) and it's sequel, The Human Tornado (1976), but the man had a discography and filmography that would put most to shame:


  • Below the Belt (1959)
  • Beatnik Scene (1962)
  • Comedian is Born (1964)
  • Let's Come Together (1970, recorded 1967)
  • Eat Out More Often (1970)
  • This Pussy Belongs To Me
  • Merry Christmas, Baby
  • Cockpit
  • Return of Dolemite
  • Sensuous Black Man
  • Dolemite for President
  • Zodiac
  • I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing
  • Jokes by Redd Foxx
  • Live in Concert
  • The Player - The Hustler
  • House Party: Dirty Dozens Vol.1
  • The Streaker
  • Dolemite Is Another Crazy Nigger
  • Sweet Peeter Jeeter
  • Turning Point
  • Close Encounter of the Sex Kind
  • Good Ole Big Ones
  • Hip Shakin' Papa
  • Greatest Hits
  • This Ain't No White Christmas
  • Raw, Rude, and Real
  • 21st Century Dolemite
  • Hully Gully Fever
  • Genius of Rudy Ray Moore
Filmography: pay tribute to the man that many have credited as the Godfather of hip-hop and rhyme, I'll be sharing a few things from Moore's discography from my collection so that, even though the man may not be with us anymore....his words sure as hell can still make us laugh. Enjoy....

01. Dolemite (Ben Taylor)
02. The Queen
03. Do You

04. The Rumble
05. Mayor¹s Get-Away
06. Power of Your Love (Mary Love)
07. Willie Green
08. When We Start

09. The Hitman
10. Ghetto Expressions

11. Time is on our Side (Revelation Funk)
12. Creeper
13. The Jive Jungle
14. Flatland
15. Dolemite (Ben Taylor w/ Moore narration, film version)
16. Flatland (film version)
17. Human Tornado (from Human Tornado)

18. Miss Wonderful (from Human Tornado)
19. Dolemite Radio Spot version 1
20. Dolemite Radio Spot version 2
21. Human Tornado Radio Spot
22. Untitled

Dolemite OST download link

Sweet Peter Jeeter Download Link

Track Listing:

1. Petey Wheatstraw (Vocal)- Nat Dove & The Devils
2. Ghetto St. USA- Nat Dove & The Devils
3. Zombie March (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils
4. Loving You (Vocal)-Nat Dove & The Devils
5. Walking Theme (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils
6. Ghetto St. USA (Vocal)- Nat Dove & The Devils
7. Joy (Vocal)- Nat Dove & The Devils
8. Steve's Den (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils
9. Loving You (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils
10. Petey Wheatstraw (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils
11. Junkie Chase (Instrumental)- Nat Dove & The Devils

Petey Wheatstraw OST Download Link

The Cockpit Download Link

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Curse of the Werewolf (Power Records, 1975)

The werewolf film genre has always been a thorn in my side for years....the only reason I tend to dislike it is simply a question of originality.

I mean, outside of Universal Pictures' classic The Wolf Man and The Howling (and remember, everything in this blog is personally my opinion, and you know what they say about those...), I find that every werewolf film produced is basically a rehash of the same friggin' story....

So, having said that...I still have no clue whatsoever why I like the Marvel Comics' character Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night....maybe it's the thought that the character was named after an absolutely cute little breed of dog that I adore....

Be sure to check out our sister site, Who's Who....Cares?, for Marvel Spotlight #2...the 1st app. of Werewolf By Night.

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blade: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1998)

The Mighty Marvel Monsterbash 2008 continues!!!

The first BLADE film has been cited as being the harbinger of the current wave of popularity in comic book and superhero properties in Hollywood. It certainly turned the tide on Marvel's lengthy string of bad luck concerning adaptations of their characters on the silver screen....

It's one of the few film adaptations of a comic book property in which I can honestly say that there were some drastic changes made from the source material, yet no one really complained...

For the ability to compare and contrast the two interpretations of the character, feel free to swing by Who's Who...Cares? for a look at Tomb of Dracula #10, the character's first appearance on the comics page...

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dracula: Terror In The Snow (1974, PR15)

In a joint effort with my other blog, WHO's WHO....CARES?, I'm providing an important service: Giving away the Halloween treat of the monstery side of 1970s Marvel Comics...

This Power Records offering from 1974 is an audio adaptation of Marvel's Tomb of Dracula #19. With this download, I've included a CBR file of that particular issue.

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Halloween '08: Favorite Misfits Cover Tunes

Figured we'd start out our Halloween 2008 offerings with a small, self-compiled EP containing seven of my favorite Misfits covers...
Track Listing:
01- "Skulls"- The Whiskey Daredevils
02- "Hybrid Moment" (Instrumental version)- The Crimson Ghosts
03- "Halloween"- A.F.I.
04- "Where Eagles Dare"- The Sloppy Seconds
05- "Die, Die, My Darling"- Metallica
06- "Angelfuck"- The Bitch-Fits
07- "Astro Zombies"- Pennywise

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Junior Samples- That's a Hee-Haw! CHS-1021 - (1969)

You will be amazed by Samples' amazing abilities as a vocalist (note my sarcasm)....though, I will admit that there's a haunting sense of sadness in the tunes "Uncommonly Well" and "Dog Gone"..

Track Listing:

01-That's a Hee Haw (Joe Gibson)
02-The Life Of a Star (R. Emery & J. Frank)

03-The Rabbit Song (J. Samples & C. Williamson)
04-Uncommonly Well (Smith & Hughey)
05-Ole Rover (Langley-Gibson-Edwards)
06-Ode to the Thunder Mug (B. Carlisle,Jr-J. Gibson)
07-Doggone (My Dog's Gone) (V. Bulla)
08-The Insurance Man (J. Samples & Jo Gibson)
09-Tobe, The Mule (Part 1) (R. Lovett & C. Moran)
10-Tobe, The Mule (Part 2) (R. Lovett & C. Moran)
11-Junior's Love Life (J. Samples)

12-Junior & the Doctor (J. Samples & C. Williamson)

Download Link (Hosted By Megaupload)

Junior Samples and Archie Campbell- Bull Session at Bull's Gap CHM/CHS-1007 (1968)

Continuing my drive to push Junior Samples, lovable hillbilly rube, into the digital age, here is Samples' second album, a recording of the infamous bullshit session he and Archie Campbell, amongst others, conducted in 1968.

As far as I know, the WMA files I'm offering up in these posts are the only way you can get digital recordings of these albums, because they've been long out of print and never offered on anything but vinyl...

Track Listing:

01-Bull Session at Bulls Gap
02-Sports Common Taters
03-Bull Shootin'
04-Reluctant Draftee
06-Birds, Bees, Girls & Stuff Like That

07-Junior Takes to the Air
08-In a Stew (Chicken That Is)
09-Junior Foils the Game Warden
10-Intoxicated Automobile
11-Dippin', Chewin', Acid & Pot
12-Old Swimmin' Hole

Download Link (Hosted By Megaupload)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jerry Reed R.I.P.

Late last month, an idol of mine passed on.

From Wikipedia:

Jerry Reed Hubbard (March 20, 1937August 31, 2008), known professionally as Jerry Reed, was an American country music singer, country guitarist, session musician, songwriter, and actor who appeared in over a dozen films. As a singer, he may be best known for "Amos Moses", and "When You're Hot, You're Hot", for which he received the Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance in 1972 and "East Bound and Down", the theme song to the first Smokey and the Bandit movie in which he portrayed the "Snowman", Cledus Snow.

Reed was not only an amazing song-writer and guitarist, but a damn good humorist, as well.

Plus....he was on an episode of Scooby Doo...

So...for download this time around....the soundtrack to Smokey and the Bandit:

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed (1967, RCA LPM3756)

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

Nashville Underground (1968, RCA-LSP3978)

Download Link (Hosted By Rapidshare)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fist of Fury OST (TAM Records, 1972)

I love me some old school chop socky, and finding this vinyl was a very pleasurable day for me, so I decided to share....enjoy!

I especially get the giggles when listen to the title track....

Track Listing:

1. Fist Of Fury (main theme)
2. The death of teacher
3. We are not sick men
4. Leave Shangaï
5. I shall be waiting here
06. Why did you kill my teacher ?
7. I love you as much as i always did
8. Fist Of Fury
9. Finale
10. Fist Of Fury (end titles)

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cheech and Chong-"Earache In My Eye" LP version

I love Cheech and Chong, but have to admit that the act got really old really fast, and that the only one of their films that gets any real repeat viewing in my house is their first, Up In Smoke...

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Conan the Barbarian OST

1. Anvil Of Crom
2. Riddle Of Steel / Riders Of Doom
3. Gift Of Fury
4. Wheel Of Pain
5. Atlantean Sword
6. Theology / Civilization
7. Wifeing (Love Theme)
8. The Leaving / The Search
9. Mountain Of Power Procession
10. The Tree Of Woe
11. Recovery
12. The Kitchen / The Orgy
13. Funeral Pyre
14. Battle Of The Mounds
15. Death Of Rexor
16. Orphans Of Doom / The Awakening

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Unknown Hinson- The Voice of Squidbillies

I love Adult Swim's Squidbillies. I'm a sucker (as I've said in the past when commenting on Junior Samples) for rural corn-fed humor. But, much like another of my favorite Adult Swim shows, Minoriteam, I love Squidbillies's so....wrong....that it's funny. And...I'm of the belief that with every terrible stereotype, there's a small grain of truth, and the only way we as a culture can overcome stereotyping of any sort is by staring them face-on and showing how ridiculous they actually are....

...and, boy....does Squidbillies deliver in that department.

From Wikipedia:

Stuart Daniel Baker, better known by his stage name, Unknown Hinson, is a musician, songwriter, and voice actor on the Adult Swim cartoon Squidbillies.

Baker has carefully cultivated his alter-ego. Much like Andy Kaufman's alter-ego, Tony Clifton, Unknown Hinson never breaks character in public and adamantly denies having any connection to Danny Baker.


Unknown Hinson, dressed in his signature rodeo tailor coat and black ribbon necktie, is a dark parody of the country western stars from the early/mid 20th century. With his glued on sideburns, blacked out front teeth, and dark hair slicked back to reveal a prominent widows peak, he has been referred to as the "hillbilly vampire".
The self-proclaimed "king of country-western troubadours" speaks and sings with an exaggerated southern drawl, commonly mis-pronouncing words like woman "womern", and window "winder".
Hinson's personality is that of a hell raising and hard drinking country-western singer with a preference for "party liquor", sexy women, and fine guitars.

Fictional Background

Unknown Hinson was an only child, named after his father “says right there on my birth certificate - Mama: Miss Hinson. Daddy: Unknown.” and raised by his mother, who gave him his first guitar. After his mother’s mysterious disappearance, Unknown ran off and joined the circus as part of the sideshow, where he learned how to lift 50-pound weights with his tongue, among various other skills.

Later, Hinson was imprisoned for 30 years, convicted of various trumped-up charges, including three counts of murder, 19 paternity suits, vampirism and random grave-robbing offenses. He was released in 1993 to reclaim his long-denied musical legacy.


Stuart Daniel Baker, a music teacher and studio musician from Albemarle, North Carolina, created his alter-ego for The Wild Wild South, a Charlotte area public-access program that featured comedy sketches and concert footage. Baker along with co-star Don Swan played the characters of Unknown Hinson and Rebel Helms. After Swan's death in 1992, Baker created "The Unknown Hinson Show", a direct spin-off of "The Wild Wild South". The Unknown Hinson Show won Creative Loafing's "Best Of" poll for Best Public-Access Television Show four years in a row.
After the series ended, Baker continued in his role as Unknown Hinson, performing live concerts and releasing several recordings.

Voice Acting
anny Baker provides the voice of Early Cuyler, a balding hillbilly squid from Georgia, on Cartoon Network's late night Adult Swim program, Squidbillies. The Early character has many echoes of Unknown Hinson, including an affinity for guns and liquor, and a "no-nonsense" alpha-male attitude.

Rock n Roll Is Straight From Hell (2002)

Track Listing:

1. Silver Platter (Recorded Live)
2. Don't Bite The Lips That Kiss You
3. It Don't Bother Me
4. Lingerie (Recorded Live)
5. Love On Command
6. Rock 'N' Roll Is Straight From Hell

Download Link (Hosted by Rapidshare)

The Future Is....Unknown! (2004)

Track Listing:

1. I Ain't Afraid of Your Husband
2. I Make Faces (When I Make Love)
3. Polly Urethane
4. Hippie Girl
5. Your Man...
6. Lingerie
7. Venus Bound
8. Foggy Windows
9. I Cleaned Out A Room (In My Trailer For You)
10. Man To Man
11. Peace, Love And Hard Liquor
12. Pregnant Again
13. I Quit All That Mess
14. Rock 'N' Roll Is Straight From Hell
15. Unknown Hinson Theme (Instrumental)

Download Link (Hosted by Rapidshare)

Target Practice (2006)

Track Listing:

1. From Jail to Hell (Circa 1938)
2. I Won't Live in Sin With You
3. I Don't Take Dope
4. Stalkin' the Wild She-Beast
5. Sex Toy
6. Ugly Things
7. Barbie-Q
8. Talk American
9. Spendin' Life in Prison
10. Satan in a Thong
11. Run Like Hell
12. Undead Blues
13. Torture Town
14. I've Been There
15. Alkyhol Withdrawl
16. The King of Country Western

Download Link (Hosted by Rapidshare)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Music of the Star Wars Holiday Special

Track Listing:

Bea Arthur- Good Night, But Not Goodbye

Jefferson Starship- Light The Sky on Fire

Carrie Fisher- A Day to Celebrate

Diahann Carroll- This Minute

Bonus: Fighting The Frizzies at 11 .avi file

Download Link (Hosted by Rapidshare)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Truth & Fiction (1994 promo, MCA5P-3209)

Track Listing:

1.) Interview/Misirlou
2.) Interview/Jungle Boogie
3.) Interview/Bullwinkle Part II
4.) Interview/Let's Stay Together
5.) Interview/Lonesome Town
6.) Interview/Personality Goes a Long Way/Jack Rabbit Slims/You Never Can Tell
7.) Interview/If Love is a Red Dress (Hang Me in Rags)
8.) Interview/Stuck in the Middle with You
9.) Interview/Comanche
10.) Interview/Flowers on the Wall
11.) Interview/Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
12.) Interview/Surf Rider

Download Link (Hosted by Rapidshare)

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Craft Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The only reason I purchased this CD way back was because of the inclusion of a Matthew Sweet track, a man of which I'm a big fan of (particularly of his best known album "Girlfriend" from 1991), but over the years have grown to enjoy a few of the other songs on it, especially the Spacehog, Jewel and Heather Nova tunes...

Track Listing:

1. Tomorrow Never Knows- Our Lady Peace
2. I Have the Touch- Heather Nova
3. All This and Nothing- Sponge
4. Dangerous Type- Letters to Cleo
5. How Soon Is Now?- Love Spit Love
6. Dark Secret- Matthew Sweet
7. Witches Song- Julianna Hatfield
8. Jump Into the Fire- Tripping Daisy
9. Under the Water- Jewel
10. Warning- All Too Much
11. Spastica- Elastica
12. The Horror- Spacehog
13. Bells, Books and Candles- Graeme Revell

Download Link (Hosted by Megaupload)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flash!!!!!! Ah......AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Finally, at long last....

I've been wanting to share this album for quite, here it is: one of my Top Five favorite films of all time: Flash Gordon (1980).

From Wikipedia:

Flash Gordon is a 1980 album by English rock band Queen. It is the soundtrack album to the science fiction movie Flash Gordon.

All but two of the tracks on the album ("Flash's Theme" and "The Hero") are instrumentals. The album makes extensive use of synthesizers, which Queen had employed for the first time on their previous album, 'The Game'.

"Flash's Theme" was the only single to be released from the album, under the title "Flash". It reached number 10 in the UK charts and number 42 in the US. The track is notable for its pounding, repetitive bassline and the camp humour of the snippets of dialogue from the movie that it contains. The last track, "The Hero", while an individual song, reprises the main motif from "Flash's Theme".


There are two versions of the song. The album version ("Flash's Theme") is in fact the start to the movie, with all the dialog from the first scene. The single version ("Flash") however features parts of the dialog taken from various parts of the movie. This version was also included on the "Greatest Hits" compilation from 1981.

The single reached number one in Austria.

Track Listing:

  1. "Flash's Theme" (May) * – 3:22
  2. "In the Space Capsule (The Love Theme)" (Taylor) – 2:21
  3. "Ming's Theme (In the Court of Ming the Merciless)" (Mercury) – 2:53
  4. "The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction of Dale)" (Mercury) – 1:15
  5. "Football Fight" (Mercury) – 1:29
  6. "In the Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise)" (Taylor) – 2:26
  7. "Execution of Flash" (Deacon) – 0:43
  8. "The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash)" (Mercury) – 2:11
  9. "Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men)[1]" (Deacon) – 1:41
  10. "Escape from the Swamp" (Taylor) – 1:37
  11. "Flash to the Rescue" (May) – 2:47
  12. "Vultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men)" (Mercury) – 1:15
  13. "Battle Theme" (May) – 2:20
  14. "The Wedding March" (Wagner arr.May) – 0:56
  15. "Marriage of Dale and Ming (and Flash Approaching)" (May/Taylor) – 2:04
  16. "Crash Dive on Mingo City" (May) – 0:46
  17. "Flash's Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations)" (May) – 1:39
  18. "The Hero" (May) – 3:31
Download Link (Hosted by Rapidshare)