Monday, February 9, 2009

Seu Jorge- "The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions"

This has got to be one of the most brilliant film related pieces of music of the last decade, in my opinion. Jorge's covers of Bowie's "Queen Bitch" and "Life on Mars" completely floor me whenever I hear them...

Track Listing:

01. Rebel Rebel
02. Life on Mars
03. Starman
04. Ziggy Stardust
05. Lady Stardust
06. Changes
07. Oh! You Pretty Things
08. Rock N' Roll Suicide
09. Suffraggette City
10. Five Years
11. Queen Pitch
12. When I live My Dream
13. Quicksand
14. Team Zissou

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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Traits-"Nobody Loves The Hulk" (1970) 45RPM

I know very little about this single other than it was advertised for mail order purchase in some Marvel comics magazines cover dated 1970.

After giving it a listen, the tune itself sounds like a a garage band of the era ripping off riffs and beats from one hit wonder the Strawberry Alarm Clock's psychedelic rock hit, "Incense and Peppermints" with weird-ass lyrics involving the Incredible Hulk....

I've tried to dig up some info on the band, The Traits, but have found little other than it is not the same Traits helmed by Roy Head (writer and performer of the 1965 tune, "Treat Her Right", later covered by Billy "Crash" Craddock, Barbara Mandrell, and George Thorogood). Slickdpdx of Knownunknowns has this to say:

"I heard that it was a promotional item that was never released. Forgotten about, it was left to rot in a warehouse in Queens until its discovery decades later."

More than likely, this may be the case.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Juctice League: The New Frontier OST

I really enjoyed the animated adaptation of Darwyn Cooke's wonderful comic book mini-series, and recently came into possession of a copy of the CD release of the original score, which is phenomenal.

The tracks sound like a wonderful mix of the works of Wagner and Danny Elfman, yet with composer Kevin Manthei expressing enough of a flourish to stamp the work as his own. Great's what I'd always imagined superheroes to "sound" like.

Track Listing:

01. Main Titles (02:01)
02. The Centre/Hal Shot Down (02:50)
03. J'onn J'onzz Arrives (00:51)
04. Wonder Woman Recounts/J'onzz Watches TV (02:11)
05. The Flash Saves Las Vegas (03:32)
06. J'onn Becomes John/Church Brawl (03:12)
07. Carol & Hal Banter (00:22)
08. Driving to Ferris/The Real Ferris (01:34)
09. Hal's Mission Revealed/Batman Surprises J'onzz/The Flash Fights Gorilla (02:52)
10. Crazy Scientist (01:37)
11. J'onzz Contemplates/J'onzz is Leaving (01:18)
12. To Space (01:27)
13. Mars Mission Mess (04:13)
14. New Green Lantern (03:56)
15. Superman Ties It Up/J'onzz Bonds (02:41)
16. Island Revealed/Superman Down (05:22)
17. Plan to Action (02:35)
18. Thick of Battle (04:32)
19. The Flash Vs. Centre/Last Bit of Business (03:37)
20. Victory (03:09)
21. End Credits (03:01)

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If, by some odd chance the ZIP file should require a password, here it is: