Sunday, September 28, 2008

Junior Samples- That's a Hee-Haw! CHS-1021 - (1969)

You will be amazed by Samples' amazing abilities as a vocalist (note my sarcasm)....though, I will admit that there's a haunting sense of sadness in the tunes "Uncommonly Well" and "Dog Gone"..

Track Listing:

01-That's a Hee Haw (Joe Gibson)
02-The Life Of a Star (R. Emery & J. Frank)

03-The Rabbit Song (J. Samples & C. Williamson)
04-Uncommonly Well (Smith & Hughey)
05-Ole Rover (Langley-Gibson-Edwards)
06-Ode to the Thunder Mug (B. Carlisle,Jr-J. Gibson)
07-Doggone (My Dog's Gone) (V. Bulla)
08-The Insurance Man (J. Samples & Jo Gibson)
09-Tobe, The Mule (Part 1) (R. Lovett & C. Moran)
10-Tobe, The Mule (Part 2) (R. Lovett & C. Moran)
11-Junior's Love Life (J. Samples)

12-Junior & the Doctor (J. Samples & C. Williamson)

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