Sunday, September 28, 2008

Junior Samples and Archie Campbell- Bull Session at Bull's Gap CHM/CHS-1007 (1968)

Continuing my drive to push Junior Samples, lovable hillbilly rube, into the digital age, here is Samples' second album, a recording of the infamous bullshit session he and Archie Campbell, amongst others, conducted in 1968.

As far as I know, the WMA files I'm offering up in these posts are the only way you can get digital recordings of these albums, because they've been long out of print and never offered on anything but vinyl...

Track Listing:

01-Bull Session at Bulls Gap
02-Sports Common Taters
03-Bull Shootin'
04-Reluctant Draftee
06-Birds, Bees, Girls & Stuff Like That

07-Junior Takes to the Air
08-In a Stew (Chicken That Is)
09-Junior Foils the Game Warden
10-Intoxicated Automobile
11-Dippin', Chewin', Acid & Pot
12-Old Swimmin' Hole

Download Link (Hosted By Megaupload)


droid said...

Wanted to thank you for posting these albums, I too am a huge hee haw fan. My four year old boy begs for it every night before he goes to bed. I couldn't download this album through megaupload, it said the link was temporarily unavailable. didn't know if you could help me or not. thanks!

Hong Kong Cavalier said...

I don't know what Megaupload's deal is, but I'll try and get this album back up using another online FTP ASAP.

Jack Roller said...

Still unavailable :-(

Many thanks for the other two, though!

DJA said...

Hi, I also wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for posting the Junior Samples albums. Never thought I would find these in ANY form -- I'm blown away. Now having said those nice things, I will be a real jerk and ask about the possibility of re-upping the Bull Session...sorry, I couldn't help myself! Thanks again :)