Monday, April 28, 2008

The Craft Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The only reason I purchased this CD way back was because of the inclusion of a Matthew Sweet track, a man of which I'm a big fan of (particularly of his best known album "Girlfriend" from 1991), but over the years have grown to enjoy a few of the other songs on it, especially the Spacehog, Jewel and Heather Nova tunes...

Track Listing:

1. Tomorrow Never Knows- Our Lady Peace
2. I Have the Touch- Heather Nova
3. All This and Nothing- Sponge
4. Dangerous Type- Letters to Cleo
5. How Soon Is Now?- Love Spit Love
6. Dark Secret- Matthew Sweet
7. Witches Song- Julianna Hatfield
8. Jump Into the Fire- Tripping Daisy
9. Under the Water- Jewel
10. Warning- All Too Much
11. Spastica- Elastica
12. The Horror- Spacehog
13. Bells, Books and Candles- Graeme Revell

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1 comment:

Brad said...

The Hatfield track was the reason I bought it, but later came to like just about everything on there!