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Unknown Hinson- The Voice of Squidbillies

I love Adult Swim's Squidbillies. I'm a sucker (as I've said in the past when commenting on Junior Samples) for rural corn-fed humor. But, much like another of my favorite Adult Swim shows, Minoriteam, I love Squidbillies's so....wrong....that it's funny. And...I'm of the belief that with every terrible stereotype, there's a small grain of truth, and the only way we as a culture can overcome stereotyping of any sort is by staring them face-on and showing how ridiculous they actually are....

...and, boy....does Squidbillies deliver in that department.

From Wikipedia:

Stuart Daniel Baker, better known by his stage name, Unknown Hinson, is a musician, songwriter, and voice actor on the Adult Swim cartoon Squidbillies.

Baker has carefully cultivated his alter-ego. Much like Andy Kaufman's alter-ego, Tony Clifton, Unknown Hinson never breaks character in public and adamantly denies having any connection to Danny Baker.


Unknown Hinson, dressed in his signature rodeo tailor coat and black ribbon necktie, is a dark parody of the country western stars from the early/mid 20th century. With his glued on sideburns, blacked out front teeth, and dark hair slicked back to reveal a prominent widows peak, he has been referred to as the "hillbilly vampire".
The self-proclaimed "king of country-western troubadours" speaks and sings with an exaggerated southern drawl, commonly mis-pronouncing words like woman "womern", and window "winder".
Hinson's personality is that of a hell raising and hard drinking country-western singer with a preference for "party liquor", sexy women, and fine guitars.

Fictional Background

Unknown Hinson was an only child, named after his father “says right there on my birth certificate - Mama: Miss Hinson. Daddy: Unknown.” and raised by his mother, who gave him his first guitar. After his mother’s mysterious disappearance, Unknown ran off and joined the circus as part of the sideshow, where he learned how to lift 50-pound weights with his tongue, among various other skills.

Later, Hinson was imprisoned for 30 years, convicted of various trumped-up charges, including three counts of murder, 19 paternity suits, vampirism and random grave-robbing offenses. He was released in 1993 to reclaim his long-denied musical legacy.


Stuart Daniel Baker, a music teacher and studio musician from Albemarle, North Carolina, created his alter-ego for The Wild Wild South, a Charlotte area public-access program that featured comedy sketches and concert footage. Baker along with co-star Don Swan played the characters of Unknown Hinson and Rebel Helms. After Swan's death in 1992, Baker created "The Unknown Hinson Show", a direct spin-off of "The Wild Wild South". The Unknown Hinson Show won Creative Loafing's "Best Of" poll for Best Public-Access Television Show four years in a row.
After the series ended, Baker continued in his role as Unknown Hinson, performing live concerts and releasing several recordings.

Voice Acting
anny Baker provides the voice of Early Cuyler, a balding hillbilly squid from Georgia, on Cartoon Network's late night Adult Swim program, Squidbillies. The Early character has many echoes of Unknown Hinson, including an affinity for guns and liquor, and a "no-nonsense" alpha-male attitude.

Rock n Roll Is Straight From Hell (2002)

Track Listing:

1. Silver Platter (Recorded Live)
2. Don't Bite The Lips That Kiss You
3. It Don't Bother Me
4. Lingerie (Recorded Live)
5. Love On Command
6. Rock 'N' Roll Is Straight From Hell

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The Future Is....Unknown! (2004)

Track Listing:

1. I Ain't Afraid of Your Husband
2. I Make Faces (When I Make Love)
3. Polly Urethane
4. Hippie Girl
5. Your Man...
6. Lingerie
7. Venus Bound
8. Foggy Windows
9. I Cleaned Out A Room (In My Trailer For You)
10. Man To Man
11. Peace, Love And Hard Liquor
12. Pregnant Again
13. I Quit All That Mess
14. Rock 'N' Roll Is Straight From Hell
15. Unknown Hinson Theme (Instrumental)

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Target Practice (2006)

Track Listing:

1. From Jail to Hell (Circa 1938)
2. I Won't Live in Sin With You
3. I Don't Take Dope
4. Stalkin' the Wild She-Beast
5. Sex Toy
6. Ugly Things
7. Barbie-Q
8. Talk American
9. Spendin' Life in Prison
10. Satan in a Thong
11. Run Like Hell
12. Undead Blues
13. Torture Town
14. I've Been There
15. Alkyhol Withdrawl
16. The King of Country Western

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