Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yubiwaza!: A Tribute to Sho Kosugi

There was one word you could throw into a film title that would immediately spark my attention and enthuasim with when I was a kid growing up: NINJA.

Due to my interest in the black robed masters of stealth and assassination, I came to become a HUGE fan of what I've come to call the Sho Kosugi Quadrilogy, four ninja themed films starring action star Sho Kosugi, namely Enter the Ninja (1981), Revenge of the Ninja (1983), Ninja III: The Domination (1984), and Pray For Death (1985).

With this post, I'm sharing a compilation of music that was presented in those four films...I've taken the liberty of naming the tracks myself, with the exception of the Peggy Abernathy track "Back to the Shadows", which seems to be the only track amongst these that is titled. The rest is atmosphere music conducted by the respective films score composers.

Track Listing:


Diablolita said...

Hi! Love your blog, I'm a B-movie addict and I work in film. I thought I'd share a doc I saw recently - It warmed my heart seeing "Popatopolis" (I saw it in the theater, but the DVD is out: Popatopolis Trailer ). The film covers Jim Wynorski, one of the most prolific B-movie directors of all time, as he shoots his masterpiece The Witches of Breastwick in three days. The despair of the sound guy who has to keep rolling all the time because he never quite knows whether camera is rolling – the line where Jim goes to rent a light kit and asks for something that is good for lighting breasts (and ends up with all of two lights), and the scene where they fake fire in a dark park using flashlights (“we could get a generator, a light, and a permit” “Yeah, that’d be one way to do it”) had me rolling – especially knowing that Wynorski made more money off of this microbudget film than I’ve made off of all the films I’ve made put together. Sort of puts things into perspective.

shimbaldumbal said...

hi is there anyway you can re upload the link to a tribites to sho kosugi? the link is dead. I would really appreciate it! dave

shimbaldumbal said...

hi is there any way you can re-upload the link to a tribute to sho kosugi songs from his films? the link is dead. thanks! dave