Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jefferson Starship- "Light the Sky on Fire" (from the Star Wars Holiday Special)

I recently came into possession of a copy of this promo vinyl, and thought about holding off until this Christmas on posting it, keeping with the theme carried by the infamous holiday special it's featured in...but decided against it because the song actually has nothing to with Christmas....

Oh, the 1970s were not kind to Jefferson Airplane...I mean, "Starship"....gone were the days of thoughtful free-form psychedelic ramblings (and by this point in time, so was Grace Slick) and the "in" things were weird sci-fi concept albums and studio-driven power pop attempts...

From Wikipedia:
Towards the end of 1978, Jefferson Starship (now without Grace Slick) recorded "Light the Sky on Fire" for The Star Wars Holiday Special and their forthcoming greatest hits album Gold. Gold, highlighting their work from 1974's Dragon Fly through to 1978's Earth, was released early the following year. "Light the Sky on Fire" (backed with Sears' and Slick's "Hyperdrive", from Dragon Fly) was included as a bonus single in the original packaging of album. (When Gold was issued on CD, both tracks were included on the album.)

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