Saturday, June 12, 2010

American Graffiti Promo CD (1998)

Recently, while going through my CD collection, I came across this little oddity. It was originally packaged with the (I believe, assuming from the copyright date: 1998) 25th Anniversary VHS release of George Lucas' AMERICAN GRAFFITI. I remember purchasing this VHS release, and was amused by the clever little promotional CD which was packaged with it, and intrigued by it's odd shape (see above picture). Over the last decade plus, I've listened to the disc a few times, amazed that a CD player would recognize the disc, what with it's devience from the standard circular shape....

When I came across it again a few days ago, I figured it'd be a nice little piece of promo weirdness to throw up here on the blog, and then....after a decade, the little bastard decides it's not gonna play...nor will any of numerous DVD or CD drives recognize it, thus losing my ability to rip the tracks contained on it.

So....basically, I decided to share it anyway. Going through my massive music collection (several hundred vinyls and CDs, plus nearly 350 G of sound files) I was able to track down the tracks I believe (if memory doesn't fail me) this weird shaped little CD contained...and if I'm not 100% accurate (I'm pretty sure I'm at least 75%), then what you get is a nice little sampler of tracks that are contained on the AMERICAN GRAFFITI OST proper....enjoy!

I've been curious for years about the CD's credited manufacturer: ShapeCD, Inc. I've wondered from time to time if they produced any other discs, and if so, what did they look like?

Track Listing:
01- Rock Around the Clock- Bill Haley
02- Maybe Baby- Buddy Holly
03- Ain't That A Shame- Fats Domino
04- That'll Be The Day- Buddy Holly
05- Johnny B. Goode- Chuck Berry


Erick said...

I have that CD. I'll have to track it down and see if it plays.

Matracas said...

I found the Sahpe CD, inc. on the internet and among their samples, I found the exact CD you have:

Robert M. Lindsey said...

I WANT IT! I am a huge fan of the movie and the music. I bet an old CD player would play it.