Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Marvel Superheroes (1966)

I've been a fan of the 1966 Marvel Superheroes cartoons since childhood, watching them on WXIX Channel 19 out of Cincinnati. "XIX" (as it's referred to by the locals) carried the syndication package of these things for years.....I can remember them popping up from time to time at extremely odd time-slots as late as the mid-1990s on the station, usually early Saturday mornings...."early" as in the 4:30 to 5:30 a.m. range, when no child in their right mind would be awake...LOL! Amazingly enough, one discovers after taking a gander at Marvel's in-hopuse ads for the show in the comics of the era, WXIX was one of the stations that carried the show during it's original 1966 broadcasts, making it one of the few stations (if not the only one) around to re-run the damn thing for nearly 3 decades....

Even though the animation is incredibly limited, it does possess a certain minimalist charm to it, and all the storylines are practically lifted from the comics themselves. Quite literally, seeing as how alot of the "animation" in the shows themselves is crudely cut-and-pasted artwork from the original comics!!!!

For download tonight, all of the classic theme songs, and the rousing Marvel Superheroes March, which was used as a "blanket theme" for the show itself....I've always been particularly fond of the Hulk theme....

"Doc Bruce Banner / Belted by gamma rays / Turns into the Hulk / Ain't he unglamorous?"

In this file, I've also included the classic 1967 Spider-Man animated theme, just for good measure....

Track Listing:

01- Captain America
02- Iron Man
03- Marvel Superheroes March
04- Spider-Man '67
05- Sub-Mariner
06- The Incredible Hulk
07- The Mighty Thor

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Mayzshon said...

Ahh, memories, I remember good old WXIX from my childhood in Middletown. Everyday after school I came home to watch it religously.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Too bad Megaupload is no more. :-(