Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fastway - Trick or Treat Soundtrack (Columbia, 1987)

Trick or Treat used to be a pay-cable staple for me....much like the Charlie Sheen "epic", The Wraith, or 1982's Wes Craven directed adaptation of Swamp Thing, every time the damn thing came on TV, I found my teenage self glued to the set.

I still cannot figure out why. It's not a terribly good musta been all that speed metal and punk music destroying my brain cells.

From Wikipedia:

In 1983 both players had been disgruntled with their own bands and decided to work together in a new outfit. They recruited drummer, Jerry Shirley, formerly of Humble Pie, and the then unknown vocalist, Dave King. They took their name from a combination of the founding members' names. However, Way then discovered that he could not escape from his recording contract with Chrysalis Records, and then received a tempting offer to play for Ozzy Osbourne, so abandoned the project. Bringing in session bassist, Mick Feat, the band then recorded their debut album, Fastway. They are often incorrectly considered to be a NWOBHM band. NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden and Motörhead started in 1975, whilst Fastway did not commence until 1983.

A critical and commercial success, the band toured to promote the album (with Alfie Agius[1] as their session bass player). The band then recruited Charlie McCracken, formerly of Taste as "permanent" bassist, and released another success in the form of All Fired Up the following year. After the hardships of touring, Shirley and McCracken subsequently left. In 1986 Clarke and King reformed Fastway with a new line-up. Recruiting Shane Carroll (second guitar), Paul Reid (bass), and Alan Connor (drums) from Dave King's first band Stillwood, this line-up released Waiting for the Roar. The record took an album-oriented rock approach instead of the driving bluesy-metal of the previous albums. The success of the record was limited, and it disappointed many fans. In 1987 Fastway was approached to make the soundtrack for the heavy metal horror film, Trick or Treat. The film flopped, but the soundtrack re-established Fastway as a hard hitting metal band. The soundtrack was a moderate success, and stayed on the Billboard Hot 200 chart for eleven months. The success of the soundtrack, and the very little money the band received, caused in-fighting and the band disbanded. King took most of the band with him and started Q.E.D., a more AOR styled outfit. They released a two-track single.

Track Listing

1. Trick or Treat
2. After Midnight
3. Don't Stop the Fight
4. Stand Up
5. Tear Down the Walls
6. Get Tough
7. Hold On to the Night
8. Heft
9. If You Could See

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Phaota said...

Sadly, this soundtrack will never be complete since there are still three missing vocal songs out of the three others that I have found for it. The tunes that are available, but not on the official release, are:

* Only Child - Scream Until You Like It
* Whodini - The Haunted House Of Rock
* Diana Blair - Heartbreakin' Lie (though I had to purchase this tune on a 7" vinyl)

The other missing very hard-to-find (nay impossible to locate) songs are:

* See Jane Run - Grey, Grey, Grey (plays during the pool party in the background)
* Only Child - Tot
* Diana Blair - It's Up To You Now

There is also the Christopher Young score, which is available as a long suite, but I broke it up into 8 separate tracks in play order with the other vocal songs, leaving one last Young bonus track with a few unused instrumental pieces.

Gazza said...

This film is one of my favourite 80s flicks as well as Wraith. Listening to this soundtrack on vinyl makes me happy!