Sunday, January 13, 2008

Captain America & The Falcon: "...And A Phoenix Shall Arise" (Power Records PR-12, 1974)

This particular Power Records attempt at bringing Marvel Superheroes to the audio realm holds a soft spot in my heart, for it was the first of these releases I ever owned. I believe an older relative purchased it for me, and over the years the comic lost it's cover and the record became warped and broken...a few years back I was able to find another copy at a local dirt mall.

Pay close attention to the vocal talent they used for the Falcon. I cannot help but giggle whenever I hear this incredibly white-bread sounding voice attempting "jive-talk" Captain Melodramatic....I mean, "America", does the audio equivalent of chewing scenery...

"The Big War.....just claimed another victim, Sam....."

Track Listing:

01 Captain America and The Falcon - And A Phoenix Shall Arise

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