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Mighty Marvel Mosterbash 2009: KISS- "Destroyer" (

Seeing as how I shared the 1977 Marvel Comics Super Special dedicated to the band over at this blog's sister site, Who's Who...Cares?, I figured I'd run with the theme and share KISS' iconic "Destroyer" album here. While not my favorite of the band's 1970s output (I really dig the "Hotter Than Hell" album from 1974), there's no denying the facts that it's quite possibly the most popular and best selling of the band's discography....

Another reason(s) was my recent discovery that today was the release date for the band's first album of new material recorded in 11 years, entitled "Sonic Boom" (which I think is being marketted in much the same way that AC/DC's recent "Black Ice" a Wal-Mart exclusive. Wal-Mart...where prices are dropping everyday...and old hard rock acts go to pasture...) and my disdain for the fact that they are yet again employing the band's trademark make-up personas....yet, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss are not part of the line-up.

Above: the band's 2009 line-up- Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Paul Stanley, and Tommy Thayer

Nope, filling the "Catman" and "Star-Child" roles on stage these days are veteran drummer Eric Singer and former Black n Blue guitarist Tommy Thayer.

Above: The late Eric Carr in the "Fox-Man" persona

At least the late Eric Carr, during the short time he was asked to adopt a make-uped (sic?) persona (the "Fox-Man") chose something original, though I doubt this was a move Thayer or Singer pushed for, and was suggested to them by Simmons (who, admittedly, has a pretty amazing hand at promotion and is an accounting whiz) and/or whatever people are controlling the corporate trademarks that the band has become.

I just wanted to give people a taste of when the band still had a little bit of street cred....and with the Who's Who...Cares? post, show that at one point even though it all was for show and creating marketable merchandising material, they were a hell of alot more original at doing it the past....

Track Listing:

01- Detroit Rock City
02- King of the Night Time World
03- God of Thunder
04- Great Expectations
05- Flaming Youth
06- Sweet Pain
07- Shout It Out Loud
08- Beth
09- Do You Love Me

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