Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mighty Marvel Monsterbash 2009- Ghost Rider OST

Track Listing:

1. Ghost Rider
2. Blackheart Beat
3. Artistry in Death
4. A Thing for Karen Carpenter
5. Cemetery Dance
6. More Sinister Than Popcorn
7. No Way to Wisdom
8. Chain Chariot
9. Santa Sardonicus
10. Penance Stare
11. San Venganza
12. Blood Signature
13. Serenade to a Daredevil's Devil
14. Nebuchadnezzar Phase
15. The West was Built on Legends

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Bonus Tracks: Here's a file containing songs that don't appear on the OST, yet appear in the film itself....
Track Listing:

01- Blow- The Prom Kings
02- Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne
03- Ghost Riders In The Sky- Spiderbait
04- Rose of the South- Johann Strauss
05- Superstar- The Carpenters
06- Tush- ZZ Top
07- Who Do You Love- George Thorogood

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