Sunday, February 1, 2009

Juctice League: The New Frontier OST

I really enjoyed the animated adaptation of Darwyn Cooke's wonderful comic book mini-series, and recently came into possession of a copy of the CD release of the original score, which is phenomenal.

The tracks sound like a wonderful mix of the works of Wagner and Danny Elfman, yet with composer Kevin Manthei expressing enough of a flourish to stamp the work as his own. Great's what I'd always imagined superheroes to "sound" like.

Track Listing:

01. Main Titles (02:01)
02. The Centre/Hal Shot Down (02:50)
03. J'onn J'onzz Arrives (00:51)
04. Wonder Woman Recounts/J'onzz Watches TV (02:11)
05. The Flash Saves Las Vegas (03:32)
06. J'onn Becomes John/Church Brawl (03:12)
07. Carol & Hal Banter (00:22)
08. Driving to Ferris/The Real Ferris (01:34)
09. Hal's Mission Revealed/Batman Surprises J'onzz/The Flash Fights Gorilla (02:52)
10. Crazy Scientist (01:37)
11. J'onzz Contemplates/J'onzz is Leaving (01:18)
12. To Space (01:27)
13. Mars Mission Mess (04:13)
14. New Green Lantern (03:56)
15. Superman Ties It Up/J'onzz Bonds (02:41)
16. Island Revealed/Superman Down (05:22)
17. Plan to Action (02:35)
18. Thick of Battle (04:32)
19. The Flash Vs. Centre/Last Bit of Business (03:37)
20. Victory (03:09)
21. End Credits (03:01)

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