Saturday, February 2, 2008

Elvis in Hollywood: Kid Galahad (RCA Victor EPA 4371, 1962)

Elvis Presley's films may have been big money productions marketed as "A" pictures, but at their heart, the plots, at best, are B-Movie fare. I mean, for chrissakes, Sam Katzman produced a few of ' of the minds behind a ton of output from poverty row studios like Monogram and PRC in the 1940s.

So, for our first installment of Elvis in Hollywood, the soundtrack EP for 1962's Kid Galahad, one of my favorite of the King's cinematic adventures...

Track Listing:
01- King of the Whole Wide World
02- This Is Living
03- Riding The Rainbow
04- Home Is Where The Heart Is
05- I Got Lucky
06- A Whistling Tune

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MJ said...

omg i've been trying to find this last soundtrack, my COLLECTION of Elvis Presley soundtracks is NOW COMPLETE!! WOO HOO!! Thanks so much!!!