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Spider-Man: The Mark of The Man-Wolf (Power Records, PR-8146, 1974)

I was a Spider-Man fan as a child, cutting my teeth on the double whammy of the (then-current) introduction of the original Hobgoblin storyline and the (then-current, again) monthly reprints of the entire Lee/Ditko run of the book via the reprint title Marvel Tales, circa the early 1980s.

But, after a downhill slide of over a decade in incredibly terrible storylines, Marvel Comics has finally provided the straw that has broken the Web-Headed camel's back in the form of "One More Day".....

From Wikipedia:

One More Day is a 4-part, 2007 comic book crossover storyline, connecting all of the Spider-Man comic book series. It will conclude the storyline of the fallout of Spider-Man's actions during the Civil War. It starts in Amazing Spider-Man #544, continues in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 and The Sensational Spider-Man (vol. 2) #41, and concludes in Amazing Spider-Man #545.

The last issue has been delayed until late December, according to Newsarama.[1]

Writer J. Michael Straczynski wrote this: "there's a lot that I don't agree with, and I made this very clear to everybody within shouting distance at Marvel, especially Joe Quesada... there was a point where I made the decision, and told Joe, that I was going to take my name off the last two issues of the OMD arc." Eventually Joe talked me out of that decision because at the end of the day, I don't want to sabotage Joe or Marvel, and I have a lot of respect for both of those." [1]

The story has been quite controversial and has been heavily criticised by areas of the fandom under the assumption the story will undo Spider-Man's marriage. [2] The story itself is still ongoing.

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!! The following is (for anyone who cares) the revelation in store for those reading "One More Day"

Just prior to the One More Day storyline, Peter publicly confronts the government's Scarlet Spiders who each wear redesigned "Iron Spider" armor; their appearance in battle against and alongside Peter raised public doubt

over whether Parker is the original and/or only Spider-Man, despite his previous public reveal.

Peter's attempts to save Aunt May by contacting such diverse characters as Mister Fantastic or the High Evolutionary fail, prompting the demon Mephisto to appear to him with a bargain; he will save May's life, so long as Peter and Mary Jane agree to have all memory of their marriage wiped from all but a small part of their souls, thus allowing Mephisto to enjoy listening to that part scream for all eternity. Peter and Mary Jane agree to the deal and the continuity for the past 20 years is wiped out. Peter and Mary Jane are no longer married, Aunt May is no longer shot, Peter's unmasking

has never occurred, and Harry Osborn is alive (with everybody celebrating at a party for him). Fan reaction is almost completely negative to these changes.

IMO, if Joe Q. likes stories that focus on deals with the Devil, then he can burn in Hell. I wash my hands completely of any and all Marvel titles

. My reasoning? The Pete and MJ marriage is one of the better things to come about within the last 20 years in the book, and Marvel decides to chuck it. For what? A poor excuse for cop-out and poor writing? Screw Marvel. I'll never buy another one of their books again.

Anyways....onward to happier times. Here's another Power Records Marvel Comics post.

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Mayzshon said...

Wow, between DC killing off Ralph and Sue Dibney, and the OMD storyline in Spiderman, I'm suddenly kind of glad my comic reading has become restricted to the "Essentials" and "Showcase" collections.