Sunday, December 9, 2007

Merry Marvel Marching Society Membership Kit (1965/67)

Face Front, True Believers! Going through some old crap I had laying around after being inspired by a viewing of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, I came across my copies of Voices of Marvel (1965) and Scream Along With Marvel (1967), two promo vinyls given away to those lucky enough to have been around to join Marvel's officially sanctioned in-house fan club, The Merry Marvel Marching Society (or, M.M.M.S., for short).

Thanks to a former employer who used to own the comic book shop in which I worked during my college days of the early 1990s, I was lucky enough to score a vintage Marching Society membership kit, as well as the above mentioned vinyls.

Remember when Marvel Comics were fun? The current state of the publisher has led me to boycott their output, but at least we have stuff like this to remember the Marvel Age of Comics...

Track Listing:

Voices of Marvel (1965)
01- The Bullpen, 1965

Scream Along With Marvel (1967)
01- The Mighty Marvel March

Included with the music are scans of the contents of my kit, as well as some later promo stuff mailed to kids during the 1966 holidays.

Download Link (hosted by Megaupload)

1 comment:

BipLanguor said...

I would like to see a return to the campy Marvel times. I would like to Make My-own Merry Marvel Marching Membership by Meeting Minimum Mystery Measurements and Minimizing Moody Minions, Minotaurs, and Moths.
The 15M Club.
-Thanks again for the great tunes!