Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nocturna, Granddaughter of Dracula OST (1979)

I just sat through this vampire/ disco/ belly-dancing fiasco, and must admit that the story behind the film is a thousand times more interesting than the film itself, and here it is, according to Vinnie Rattolle:

Okay, so the longer version of the story... Bellydancer Nai Bonet first appeared in America in the 1960s, adorning album covers, making infrequent appearances in films and on television and she also recorded the cheesy novelty song "Jelly Belly" (she filmed a music video of the tune for now-obscure video jukeboxes called Scopitones). As the '70s were ushered in, Bonet decided to set her sights full-time on acting but, unfortunately, she found roles were few and far between. She took small supporting parts in the now-forgotten flicks "Soul Hustler," "The Soul of Nigger Charley," "The Greatest," and she appeared as Sheherazade in the goofy softcore musical sex romp "Fairy Tales." However, Nai yearned to sink her teeth into something bigger.

Bonet's story was moronically simple: Dracula's granddaughter, Nocturna, hops into bed with a disco guitarist and then decide she's in love with him, but the Count is against their courtship, so she flees Transylvania with her new beau and heads to New York City. Bonet set up the production company "Nai Bonet Productions, Ltd." in her apartment and went searching for investors. If internet rumors are to be believed, she acquired the cash from William Callahan, a child actor turned construction businessman who was apparently embezzling funds and had ties to the mob that resulted in his brutal murder in 1981. But that's a whole other story that seems to be steeped in a lot of alleged facts. In any event, Bonet raised $200,000 from whomever and set out to make her movie.

Track Listing:

01. Love Is Just a Heartbeat Away (Nocturna's Theme) - Gloria Gaynor
02. Nighttime Fantasy - Vicki Sue Robinson
03. Whatcha Gonna Do? - Heaven 'n' Hell Orchestra
04. Bitten by the Love Bug - Heaven 'n' Hell Orchestra
05. Love at First Sight - Moment of Truth
06. I'm Hopelessly in Love with You - Moment of Truth
07. Why Do Lovers Come Together? - Jay Siegel
08. Opus 55 #1 (Nocturna) - Heaven 'n' Hell Orchestra
09. Love is Just a Heartbeat Away (Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
10. Nighttime Fantasy (Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
11. Love is Just a Heartbeat Away (Club Mix)
12. Love is Just a Heartbeat Away (Radio Edit)
13. Nighttime Fantasy (2007 remix)
14. Jelly Belly - Nai Bonet

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