Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dokken- Deam Warriors EP (1986) with Bonus

Over the years, I've owned probably a half dozen copies of this thing. It's just glorious hair metal junkfood....and I love it.

Track Listing:

01- Dream Warriors
02- Back for the Attack
03- Paris Is Burning

I've also added some bonus material to this upload:

04- Dream Warriors (acoustic version)


an AVI copy of the video for this marvelous travesty. Enjoy.

Download Link


Tower Farm said...

I have always loved this track and its video. My favorite part is when Patricia Arquette glues the Dokken logo to the house!


Hong Kong Cavalier said...

I just dig that it's one of the videos that reminds of the Patton Oswald bit about the ability of hair metal bands to bend reality, because Dokken clearly defeats Kruger with the power of their RAWK!