Saturday, March 22, 2008

Destroy All Monsters! : 50th Anniversary Edition (ADV, 2003)

Here's the ADV CD release of the soundtrack to Destroy All Monsters!, which was packaged with their "Special Edition" DVD of the flick from a few years back....

Track Listing:

1. Toho Mark (Main Title)
2. Title Credit
3. Monster Land
4. Moon Base I
5. Unusual Change in Monster Land
6. Moon Base II
7. Sy-3
8. Unmanned Underground Center
9. Kilaak Aliens, No. 1
10. Monster Land Escape
11. Unknown Metal
12. Discovery of the Monster Control
13. Radan Come Flying
14. Gigantic Monsters Attack Tokyo
15. Missile Operations to Protect a Capital
16. Ruins
17. Godzilla, Anguirus vs. Defense Squad
18. Radan's Pursuit
19. Kilaak Aliens, No. 2
20. Moon Base & Sy-3
21. Sy-3 Sally
22. Plunging Exploration Crew
23. Kilaak's Entity
24. Break the Remote Control
25. Monsters on the Earth Gather
26. Decisive Battle in Fuji I
27. Decisive Battle in Fuji II
28. Destruction of the Underground Dome
29. Fire Dragon Pursuit
30. Ending

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prof. grewbeard said...

thanx for this too, i just remembered where i got it!