Sunday, November 18, 2007

Swamp Thing OST- Harry Manfredini (1982)

One of the first really shocking moments I experienced as a young comic reader was due to Alan Moore. As an annual birthday gift, an older relative would provide me with subscriptions to an even number of DC and Marvel titles....

Around 1983, I was up to about 3 apiece from the two companies, and when said kin asked me what titles I'd like to try in that particular year's birthday go-round....(insert hyper-active 9 year old voice liberally)

"Well....I wanna keep getting Green Lantern and All-Star Squadron, I like Thing! I wanna try that...I like the movie (the Wes Craven film was in heavy rotation on pay cable at the time, so naturally I had seen it about 10 times by this point probably)...." eager anticipation, I awaited for my first issue to arrive via the postal service. Little did I know that the first issue I would recieve would be the infamous "The Anatomy Lesson" (Saga of the Swamp Thing #21, February 1984), which blew my nine year old mind. No wonder I'm so fucked up now (RFLMAO!!!), because around the same time I was reading Frank Miller's Daredevil and above-mentioned relative had introduced me to the works Howard Chaykin (of whom I'm still a huge fan), mainly the then-current American Flagg!....

Needless to say, I was a faithful subscriber until Moore ended his run....

Thank God my upbringing was fairly the words of my father, around the time I was 13 or 14: "So...looks like yer gettin' old enough to wanna go runnin' around on the weekends. home for school on Monday....and don't bring the Law with ya..."

Anyways, here's the Harry Manfredini score to the film that started a long-time love for Moore's works, bog monsters, and probably alot of petty larceny...

Track Listing:

1. Main Title (3:19) - Harry Manfredini
2. Cable And Alec (0:56) - Harry Manfredini
3. Cable's Capture (2:30) - Harry Manfredini
4. Ferret Meets The Swamp Thing (2:01) - Harry Manfredini
5. SwampThing To The Rescue (3:42) - Harry Manfredini
6. At The Lab (3:17) - Harry Manfredini
7. Airboats, Guns, Grenades (3:49) - Harry Manfredini
8. Cable Escapes (0:59) - Harry Manfredini
9. Swamp Thing And Cable (3:53) - Harry Manfredini
10. Bruno's Transformation (1:37) - Harry Manfredini
11. Arcane's Transformation (5:08) - Harry Manfredini
12. The Final Battle (4:35) - Harry Manfredini
13. Swamp Thing's Farewell (2:44) - Harry Manfredini

This would also explain why I own a DVD of the laughably terrible Return of the Swamp Thing...LOL!

Download link (hosted by Rapidshare)

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